Multnomah County Library Priorities 2016-2018


Multnomah County Library’s mission: Empowering our community to learn and create

Multnomah County Library is a key community asset, serving people and enabling individual and community development. We use three-year strategic priorities to shape library services, programs and culture. As the world around us changes rapidly, we hold constant three pillars that define the library’s role and value in this community:

  • Free access for all
  • A trusted guide for learning
  • The leading advocate for reading

We make forward-thinking decisions to ensure that Multnomah County Library remains relevant for people of all ages and backgrounds and uses resources wisely. We will anticipate the changing needs of our community and adapt to provide the best service possible.

We reflect and serve a diverse community

We serve every patron with respect and dignity. We offer resources that advance opportunity and equity. We hire and support talented staff members who reflect the community we serve.

We enable creation and learning

We support learning and literacy across the full spectrum of interests, ages and backgrounds. We assist educators, families and caregivers. We offer programs, materials and tools of creation to people who have limited access or opportunity.

We champion reading

We partner with individuals and the community in the pursuit of reading. We assist people with friendly personal service, expert advice and a wide range of materials. We offer a rich variety of programs and services to nurture and sustain a culture of reading.

We build digital literacy

We provide access, training and technology to everyone, and we champion the need for all people to be connected online. We partner with other organizations to expand the scope and impact of our work and ensure success in a digital world.

We re-imagine library service and spaces

We put people first as we design our buildings and online services to offer the best possible experience. We continually adapt to provide the best service possible to the people and the community we serve. 

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